Thursday, February 24, 2011

hey hey hey :)

Heyy !! stelahh sekian lama ta updatee blog :) 
humm , actually , dah malas dah nak update blog .. sbb blog neyhh dicipta ponn sbb MOHD NASRUL HARITH NASRAN .. 
but now , he's totally gone , so .. fucking shit lahh kannn ..
aku mmg takan lahh update blog neyh lagii :)
hehehehe :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

berkata !

Blog aku simple ???
SO what ???? menganggu life korg kaaaaa ??
yg pnting ituu ape yg ade di dalam lahh .. bukannye chntik nye blog kauu or takk ..
what the fucking stupid word yg korg bg kat aku ...
eee.. tolong lahh plizz stop judge org .. korg nilai lahh diri korg dulu haaa .
haisss .. kenapalahh manusia neyh ta pnah nk snang dgn ape yg dorg ade ..
aku mmg FUCK gilaa dohh org2 chaney ..
hummm ... 
Nasib baik ahh kawan aku kat fb sumee yg okayh jaa ..
yg ta okeyh sumee tlah di remove .. lau takk ..
mmg aku matii jadii org gilaaa taukk !!
haissss !!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cigarette :]

cigarette  is a small roll of finely cut toaccoleaves wrapped in a cylinder of thin paper for smoking. The cigarette is ignited at one end and allowed to smoulder its smoke is inhaled from the other end, which is held in or to the mouth and in some cases a cigarette holder may be used as well. Most modern manufactured cigarettes are filtered and include reconstituted tobacco and other additives.
The term cigarette, as commonly used, refers to a tobacco cigarette but can apply to similar devices containing other herbs, such as cannabis. A cigarette is distinguished from a cigar by its smaller size, use of processed leaf, and paper wrapping, which is normally white, though other colors are occasionally available. Cigars are typically composed entirely of whole-leaf tobacco.
Rates of cigarette smoking vary widely, and have changed considerably over the course of history – since cigarettes were first widely used in the mid-19th century. While rates of smoking have over time leveled off or declined in the developed world, they continue to rise indeveloping nations Nicotine, the primary psychoactive chemical in tobacco and therefore cigarettes, has been shown to be psychollogy addictive,  although it does not engender aphysiological dependency. Cigarette use by pregnant women has also been shown to cause birth defects, including mental and physical disabilities. Secondhand smoke from cigarettes has been shown to be injurious to bystanders, which has led to legislation that has banned their smoking in many workplaces and public areas. Cigarettes are the most frequent source of fires in private homes, which has prompted the Europion Union and the United States to ban cigarettes that are not fire standard complaint by 2011.
------ > ini yang aku baca pasal rokok !! humm .. ramai yg kate rokok neyh boleh wat kita tenangkann hilangkan rase tension n so all ... sumtimes i feel like wanna try it ... but aku still ingt kat parents aku .. But , one day aku akn try gakk bnda neyh :) 
just for fun :)

whats happening soon :)

Okeh !! ape yg bakal berlaku akn dtg ... aku nk jmpe die .. nak jmep die .. nk jmpe die .. 
n nak jmpe die .. sbb aku pelu pujok die .. and happykan die smula ..

perangai diaa 
-------> seorang yang bodoh , babi , bangang , gilaaa 
-------> sukee dgr org makii die , ta makii die , die majukk 
-------> even kasar, die sbnarnye sngt sweet , baikk :)
-------> die ta sukee aku main bibir aku :)
-------> sukee nyanyi bila aku kol die , mmg best ! sukee 
-------> sukee kate xnakkkkk , tidakk !!
-------> sukee pke negatiff haa kat aku , 
-------> cepat sngt merajukk 
-------> sukee tengking akuu dgn nada yg sngt tnggi 
-------> cepat berubah mood , mood dia ta menentu ahh 
-------> sygkan sumeee wife die iaitu kasuutt die .. MACBETH yg dicintai
-------> hnye kwan2 yg bisa menghappykan die :)
-------> seorang giggers , any gigs die akan pegi , tapii yg melibatkan band yg dia sukee jaa hah ..
-------> die sukee gelakk bilaa ngn kwan , tapii ssah gelakk ngn pompuan :)
-------> die snang okeyh dan snang jgak tak oke balik 
-------> die akn moody kalau bnyk msalah ..
-------> sukee kpada tech deck , n sdang blaja :)
-------> rajin keja lahh untuk penuhi keinginan die ..
-------> die nak sumthing , mesti akn dapatkan .
-------> syg family die .. 
-------> syg kwan2 die .. 

hahh !! itu sumee perangaii diee .. tapi ta kesah sal sumee tuh .. chane pon pangai die . he's the one ..
aku akn tahan slagi aku bolehh .. aku akn wat yg terbaik untuk die .. 
n jadii yg terbaik dimata die ..
aku takann hipokrit slama ngn die , hnye jadii diri aku sendri :)
syg aku hanya untuk die ! <3


okeh , dis id my 1st time join a contest ..
Gilaa lahh , bapak penatt nak mintak org vote kitaa .. ergh !! 
haha .. hope sumenye bebaloi lahh :) harap dapat wat yg terbaikk lahh ..
thanx jgakk to sumee kwan2 yg sudah sudii nak tolong :) 
have a good time later with u guys :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I really miss this Fake smile from him ...
Dunno why , i am really fall into him ..
I need him :) 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jar of heart :)

You know i can't take one more step towards you ...
Cause all that waiting is regret .. Don't you know im not ur ghost anymore ..
You lost the love i loved the most ... I learned to live , half alive ..
and now you want me one more time ..

Who do you think you are ..?? runnin' round living scars ...
Collecting a jar of hearts .. tearing love apart ... you're gonna catch a cold ..
from the ice inside your soul .. 
Don't come back for me .. who do you think you are ???

I hear ure asking all around .. If i am anywhere to be found .. ut i have grown too strong ..
To ever fall back in ur arms .. i learned to live, half alive ..
And now u want me one more time .. who do you think u r ??
runnin' round living scars .. collecting a jar of hearts .. tearing love apart .. 
you're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside ur soul ..
Don't come back for me .. who do you think u r ??

It took so long just to feel alright . rememer how to put back the light in my eyes ..
i wish i had missed the first time that we kissed .. 
cause u broke all your promises .. And now you're back ..
you don't get to get me back ...

Monday, January 31, 2011

motif letak gmbar die ??? sbb aku sngt sukekan die lahh .. 
Die lahh penyanyi metalcore yg pes mona knalkan kat aku .. mula2 ingt die nyanyi besa.. upenye die seorg metalcore :) bapakk ahh , tekejott haaa ...
hehe .. Sykes is the vocalist for the deathcore band Bring Me The Horizon... 
Sykes was born on november 20, 1986 ..
on that day, i wish i could give him a present :) hehe 
I swear i really love himm .. wanna meet himm .. 
arghh !! Oli .. <3

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lelaki ohh lelaki ! bila dah wat kau pujuk balik .. tapii aku sumpah aku terima kau balik kott sbb aku mmg sygkan kau lbh dri sgalenye .. mcm2 aku wat sbb kau kott .. time kau pegii mcm tuh je mmg aku seyh gila ... tapiii aku ta mmpu wat pape, hnye mmpu mnangis .. 
lelaki2 . aku sygkan kau !! aku sngt sygkan kau .. kau kol aku smlm . 
Aku lah manusia pling happy dlm dunie .. katenye kau ta sukee aku chanie , kau nk aku happy ..
n wat pjanjian , klu aku happy , kau sntiase dgn aku , tpi mcm mane klu aku sdeyh lagii sbb kau ???
aku harap takan lahh , aku pcyekan kau , aku sygkan kau lahh lelaki ...
aku ta boleh klu aku kena hilang kau sbb bnde2 bodoh .. 
sbb alasan2 bodoh contohnye, sbb kau jahat, n watsoever 
takesah lah ape pon , kau ttap yg stu kot .. lelaki2, jgn terlalu ikutkan kate hati yg always na enjoy ..
tapii cbelah untuk brubah sbb satu harii naty kau pasti akn mnjadi suami org ..

Lelaki2 , aku ta sngke yg kau akn kol aku smlm, bila on hp jaa  ade 9 miskol dari kau .. ta smpai 5 mnit aku on hp, kau nye kol masuk , aku terus angkat .. sbb mse aku sorg2, aku sngt pelukan kau , aku rindukn kau .. tapii kol kau, ta angkat :'( aku sdeyh sngt.. mase kau kol , ptame yg kau tnye , "u okeyh ke tak" of coz lahh aku tak okeh !! sbb aku hnye pkekan kau, aku jadii  chanie sbb pkekan kau .. kau mntak aku untuk jadii oke  sbb kau ta sukee aku sdeyh , aku buat demi kau .. aku wat akujanji yg "aku SITI FAIQA PUTERI TAJUDDIN janji takan sdeyh lagii sbb sye tanak hilang achoyy sy" itu yg aku ckp kat kau ... 
Tapii , yg pling aku ta boleh terima bile kau ckp yg time aku knal kau , kau dah ade GF ..
but now , kau totally free dari GF . kau single .. 
but other than that , aku ta boleh trima kau pengsan sbb adap sumee msalah neyh , n knpe mse tu aku tade ngn kau , knpe aku mesty tade ngn kau !! aku rase aku mmg fuck gila sbb tade ngn kau .. aku mmg ta guna kann !! humm . but aku happy kau dah okeyh skg .. aku nak kau happy choyy , tanak kau sakit, ade msalah n mcm2 lagii lahh .. n start from today we need to start our new life .
katenye "slamat dtg ke dunie jahat aku", dan aku dgn senang hati nye msuk ke dunie kau tuh !! ta kire ape yg bakal blaku ...sumenye untuk kau !! 
Choyy smith, choyy smith dan choyy smith !! 
Atau panggilan sbenarnye MOHD NASRUL HARITH NASRAN ..
hadirnye cuma sketika , pergi dlm sekelip mata .. 
Nama yg sngt sukar untuk aku lupakan .. hnye die yg aku syg ..
hnye die yg aku cinta, die lahh sgalenye ..
My life is based on him .. love him .. but he's not mine anymore..
and he is totally hate me :'(
no matter what my love is always for him ..
<3 <3

perkara paling manis .. sye lpaskan tension dgn mona nasuha di PD ..
hnye kamii berdua cuzz kamii di dumb dgn terokk skalii ...
huh !!!! kamii FUCK gilaa dat guy ... sumpahh FUCK ..
Damn !! aku mnangis terok gilaa kat sne tadii .. maluuu !! 
ergh !! but everything yg aku wat sumee cuz die 
sbb die ... aku syg die 
aku Sngt sygkan die ... 
Ta pelu na bmusuh even kita ta dpt together .. ta pelu na mnghilangkan diri mcm tuh je :(
Need himm 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cerita lama :)

<Syg, syg, dan syg !! u tngh wat pe ???>
<syg, tc of urself . dun 4get to eat ,gud nyte sweet dream ..>
<u, plizz do it only 4 me, i can't see u like this! u must strong , chill,dis is not ur fault, his fault, u know what, ure such a nice girl ive ever meet ! >
<Im always praying 4 ur happiness :) >
<Oke2 i suke, suke dgn S****** M****. haha >
<I love u n syg u >
<syg dan rinduu kamu juga > 
sye sering termimpi2 kan awak setiap malam>
<eading ur blog. love u lah !! >
<lagi u gila lagi i syg >
<imma a strong guy ryte , lau tak chane na jadi ur husband?>
<i syg u gyle ! u je ta taw>
<im always with u syg !>
<i jujur dan ikhlas sygkan u>

All those stupid words that come from his mouth , swear i hate that word now .. 
i know thaht he loves me , but he just dun want to hurt himself n hurt me .. no matter what , i dun want to be his enemy .. i still wanna be his fren .
n always with him , i will not forgetting him .. i love him so much ..
i need him <3

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

crying :'(

Guess what guys , we met last nyte , n afta dat , all have change ... terlalu cpat brubah !!! 
balik2 jaa , mmg die brubah tros .. die lupe ke ape yg die ckap kat aku ??
ayat2 manis de uh .. haaaaa!!!!!!!!  lupe ke ..
knpe msti jadi mcm nie .. n the end lah relation between aku dan die !!! 
mmg kami takan bsame lagii ..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can't wait !

Can't wait anymore , na balik KL harini .. na jmpe si badak air mona , n si hnsem sye , choyy !! 
ta sbar wehh .. huuhuhuhu .. even balik harinie sorg2 , prasaan takot uhh ade , but tpakse lahhhh ..
klu tak mmg ta balik KL lah jwabnye kann ... really miss him n her ohhhh :) :)
tapii yg ta best nye , balik jer nak kene settle hal hostel pulakkk , dah lme mntak aplly tukar hostel tapii ta dpat2x.... so sad ohhh , hurmm , tpakse lahh kene dok  umah mkcik at puchong dulu ohh ..
tapii , lagii kesian kat si badak air sye , die dari putrajaya , lagii jauh ohhh ;(
sian kat die , bnyk nye blanje nk kene kuar .. huh ! Plish lahh , hope balik neyh dah dpt tuka hostel :) 
Can't wait to be in the new hostel :) :) :) <3 <3

My life !

Spender life !! Everyday , i need this to make my life happy :) 
This is the best medicine 4 me , even when im sick , when im not in da mood , when i am mad with sumone , especially with my boyfrie , i'll take this :) 
No matter what , i just need this stuff in my ice box, my bag, n my room :) 
love CHOCOLATE :) <3 <3 <3

yeahhhh !!

ooooo yeaahhhh !! mona nasuha syg kuh ! haha , miss u gemokk .. bila tahh kite boleh jmpe ..
lame benauu lahh nk tnggu senin , kann ?? hurmm .. leceh ohh chaney ..
hope sngt kite dapat tuka hostel , got new life ... Mona nasuha wif Spender merahh ..
put na kite jauhkannn diri darii pompuan gila yg bernama QIELA SHAKILA uhh ..
ta pham lahh put , knpe die always nk msuk dlam life kite kann .. padahal kite ta pnah ggu hidup die ..
mmg fuck gila pompuan uh , aku harap sngt die ta buruk2 kan kite kat Choyy n san ..
mmg gila lahh kan , sumenyer mcm kebetolan or sumee neyh dibuat2 ???
seriously, mcm ta sngke ngn sumee neyh , ttbe sngt die boleh kwan ngn tuuttttt uhh ..
dah lahh mreka betiga bff ... hesyhhh !! 
ta gune nye pompuan .. hehehehhehe !! no matter wat lahhh .. put ta sbar nak tuka umah ..
nk kuar dri hidup die ..
PLIZZZZZ !! warden , bagi kami tuka hostel :)

guess what !

Mona !! guess what laguu neyh lahh choyy2 nyanyi smlam .. hahahahaha !! 
yg pntg , berulang2 jer slagii ta abis bgayut .. hahaha 
nice sngt wehhh , ta boleh blahh lahh mista choyy smith uhh :) :)
syg weehh kat die :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

shhhhhhhh !!

Hey u !!! knpe sukee wat mukee chomel haaa ?? hisyh !! 
geram pulak lahhh ehhh , mne tak nye sye fall in love dgn awak ....
Hehehehehhehehe !! miss u so much syg :) :)
my dear Choyy smith <3 <3

Crying :'(

This is the stupidest thing ever that i have done !! Ive done a big mistake :'(
Why i need to tell him bout this , why do i need to say to him that i LOVE him ! why puteri, why ?!!
why ure so stupid , kau ta perlu ckp mcm tuh kat die ... Blom tentuu die akn sygkan kauu !!!
Blom tentu die akn terima kau seadenya ! ape kau snggup tnggung risiko nyer haaa ?? 
Spender , kau snggup ke ?? Jgn jadi bodoh lahhh .. Tapii , mmg aku sygkan die sngt2 . N aku xtau knpe 
 aku boleh cintakan die smpai mcm neyh skali ,sdangkan kamii bru knal ... dan sngt baru kot !! 
hurmm , but aku totally fall in LOVE with him ...
knpe mesty mcm neyh jadi nye choyy ??? why ?? n i tau u sygkan i , just u tanak i kecewa dgn u kann ?
u tanak isakit lagii sbb lelaki, but choyy , if u really LOVE me , pliz change 4 me ...
i know u can do that ryte ?? Im gonna say dis , I LOVE U SO MUCH
but ade bnyk lagii psal i yg u still ta tau ,so u need 2 know everything bout me ...
everything , n i need to know everything bout u oso syg :( 
i really need u .. <3 <3 <3 
i hope dis is the end of my relation with anyone, n i hope ure the last one, n ure the best damn BOYFRIEND i ever had :) ure the one :) :)

Happy !!!

Gilaa wehh !!! die nyanyi tuk spender !! Hahahahaahaha !! Sumpahh happy gilaaaa !!
Sukee wehh ... he makes me fall in love with him more n more n more !! :) :)
<3 <3 syg kamuu Mista Choyy Smith 

Ta disangka2 !

1. Mona nona pola bear jahat ! pegi bagi blog sye kat mista Choyy....
malu lahh sye , waaaa !! :'( naty choyy kate pe plak kann .. humm ..
but nvm lahhhh ..

2. Tak disangke2 tersebot sal kawin lak , hahhahaha ! padahal gurau jaa ...katenye die salu mimpikan sye malam2 .. itu bukti yg die syg n rindukan sye .. waaaa !! sukeee neyhh !! hehhehehe !!
n now , sumpah ! sye lbh jatuh cinta dgn die :) :) :)
arghhh !! luve u lahh mohd nasrul harith b nasran :) :)

Si Gila benn :)

Hah !! yang bju pink bajet jambu uh !! inilah si benn babi .. hahahhaha ! 
aku ta tau chane aku boleh baik ngn die , rapat ngn die .. bodoh wehh die .. 
hahahhaha !! asal wall to wall ngn aku madang nak gadoh !! adeh ! aku ta paham ahh ngn die . tapii , aku tau die sbnannyer baik , haha (nak tmuntah wehh) hahahahha ! benn mmg babi gila , ta penah normal , asik senget jerr .. Ahahha ! yg die tau nk ggt tengkuk aku kann ... mcm lahh dpat .. bodoh nyer benn .
hahahhaha ! yg pntng , sebabi babi die pon .. aku syg die .. sbb die kwan aku yg pling gila yg aku pnh jmpe ..hahahhhahaha ! benn bodoh !!!

Hahahhahhahha !!

Gila lahhh !!! sye dah salah anggap kat die .. rupanye status uhh sbb die dh hlangkan tech deck yg die na bg
 kat si chntik die neyh ...
hahahhahhahahah !! siannye kat die , die dah niat na bgi kat spender dahh ..
shiannye kat spender :(
huh ! tapelahh , ta dpt pon tape , asal spender dpt die ..
hehehhehhe :)

sad :'(

Just now bkk fb die .. n die update status ' kenape mesti aku ellis san?arghhh ! '
knpe die update status mcm tuh ? sbb aku ke ?
aku ke yg slalu jadi pganggu hidup die ???
kenape kau bdoh haa spender merah !! kau dah tau die ta suke kau kann !! 
kenapa kau bodoh ! na terhegeh2 kat die ..
huh !! am i need to back of from his life ???
do i need to do so ??
Mona nasuha ! i need ur opinion :(

Miss May I

Okeyh !!! seriously ta sbar na pegii neyh 
Location at One cafe ohh ..
9 feb neyhh ... dtg ohh beramai2 .. 
n kat cneyh lahh bakal jadi first meet with Choyy smith <3

Inilah cerita spender :)

Hari nie gila ta best , flu lahh ape lahh , mcm fedup pon ade , huhuhu , but the best damn thing ever , bgon pagii jaa ade mcg dri Choyy smith iaitu Mohd Nasrul Harith b Nasran .. aahhahahhaha .. Gila lahhh :)
hehe ! ehh sudah3x !! bukan itu yg nak dicerita sbnanyer ..

berblogging ?? inilah pes time , ini pon mona nona pola bear yg gila yg ajar :) 
hahaha ! pnye bodoh lahh si spender neyh , smpai ta tau pape kann .... dats why lahh mona sngt bernilai dlm hidup nie .. sbb die ade je sesuatu yg bru nak diajar pde si bodoh spender neyh ...

feel so stupid ! sbb fall in love again , pdahal bru jer ptus .. bodoh lahh spender , kau dah ahh bru putus , dah nk fall in love lagii . spe tau laki uh mcm si AHMAD YASSIN uh..
tapii , hati spender ttap mngatekan yg si dia ta mcm tuh , si die baikk .. tapii ... btol ke sumee tuh ???

no matter what org na ckap , spender is spender , no one can change me :) 

Si bodoh saia :)

Inilah die Mohd Nasrul Harith b Nasran ..
Fall in love with him .. hehehe .. but , were not mean to be together yet .. soon hopefully :)
he's my freaks ! He's my bodoh ! slalu wat sye happy , even baru jer knal .. Dats why i really love him ..
ta tahuu knpe , sye syg gilaa kat die , hnye hati ney yg tau btape syg nye kat si Chooy Smith neyh <3 ..
erk erk erk erk ..
hahahahahahaha !!

Si Mona nona pola bear

ntah knape syg gila kat si gemokk neyh , salu gadoh , tapi taa penah lame , die lah buah hatii pengarang jantung sye .. syg gila kat die .. she's the one lahh ..
everytime sdeyh , die lahh yg ade ngn sye , sumpah ta boleh hilang die .. mcm2 dah plan ngn die di mse akn dtg.. ta mngkin lahh untuk bepisah .. :) really love her .. Muna Nasuha Abd Aziz <3

si spender

kenapakah kemestian aku kejatuhan kecintaan ..
kenapakah kemestian keadaan kelelakian di hati perempuan ??
ketetapian aku skrg sngt membeci laki ini